Is there any way to get rid of a cavity without a filling?

Ugh, I never used to brush my teeth as a child, but now I brush my teeth every morning and every night and I don't have that many sweets. How is it that I never got a cavity back then and now I have one now?

I'm deathly scared of the dentist office now that I realized that an novacane is actually a shot in your mouth. To explain better how frightened I am of shots... My mother was getting her blood taken and I passed out in the waiting room at the thought. That's how scared I am.

So is there any possible way of getting rid of this cavity without having to take a visit to the dentist office and then a therapist?
Answers:    I'm a dental-phobe too, so I understand your feelings. However, there's just no way around it. The good news is that it's not nearly as painful now as it once was. Topical anesthetics really help a lot; you can also find dentists who specialize in phobic patients. Likewise, be sure to go to a dentist who has an office that is plumbed for the use of nitrous oxied (aka "laughing gas"); the stuff is marvelous for people like us. You already know this, but it bears repeating - the sooner you go, the smaller the cavity will be, and the less it will take to repair it.
you can have the dentist give you laughing gas
it will relax you enough so you wont care whats going on
get it pulled, quit brushing that wears out the enamle on your teeth, my grand daddy had all his teeth when he died, he cleanned his teeth witha hanky after every meal, they were all white too
no, but if it scares you that bad some dentists prescribe an antianxiety medication such as valium before the visit, then they could use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which will make you not care if u get an injection, drilling or whatever you may need. I myself live in the dentist chair and each time got a little easier for me, if the pain is so bad then sometimes you just dont care what they do to stop it. my teeth are very soft and are always breaking, now im on my second abcessed tooth this month not to mention two broken ones, i brush and floss but it doesnt seem to help with the softness or abcesses only the cavities; good luck.\darla
LOL, ur funny. Unfortunately no, a cavity is a rotted spot and it wont grow back. U can keep it from getting worse by continuing your good hygiene regimen. The shot doesn't really hurt that much though, i promise, and it ends up worth it bcuz after a couple days pass, it doesn't bother u anymore! I think you should go conquer your fear and see how much better you feel about your tooth and yourself!! You got this!
The only other way is to pull the tooth and that is worse than having it filled. If you don't take care of it now it will only get worse. Call your dentist and explain to him that you are afraid. You can ask for oral sedation. It's usually given an hour before your procedure. It basically calms you down and relaxes you before the procedure. Please get the cavity taken care of . Without treatment an abscess could form and that is even more painful and in severe cases life threatening Good luck!
If you don't have the cavity drilled out cleaned and fixed it will only grow larger until the entire tooth has decayed and that's much worse than just repairing the cavity that you refused to fix. Within 20 minutes after you eat something, your mouth is loaded with bacteria from the acids in your mouth leftover from the chewing process. These bacteria attack your tooth enamel and that's when cavities start. So every time that you eat, if you can't brush your teeth at least rinse your mouth with water to dilute the acids. Get the tooth fixed or you will regret it. A dentist can put you asleep and fix the tooth if you want, but get it fixed. Teeth don't heal themselves.
I just went through the same thing. I did not have a cavity for 26 years, then suddenly, I had the beginnings of two. I was nervous, but rest assured, it isn't as bad as it sounds.

A cavity is basically a hole in your tooth, which, obviously needs filled in. There's no other way around it, I'm afraid. However, the laughing gas, will make you totally relax. Trust me, it feels good, you just want to lay there, and enjoy it. lol. It is weird a first, especially breathing through a mask, but you'll get used to it. It starts to relax your muscles, and your mind, dulling your senses quite a bit. You won't even care about the needle. You'll be laying down, so that will help your anxiety and fainting.

I recommend just closing your eyes. Make certain you inform your doc about your anxiety and fainting, and he or she will be able to make sure you're fully relaxed before giving you a shot.

The gas will lull you into a nice, cozy little place where you don't have a care in the world. The procedure is pretty quick, and you won't feel a thing. Afterwards, they let you breathe in straight oxygen to refresh your mind. You'll be fine, don't worry!
Unfortunately sweetie unless you get a filling the cavity will only get worse. It cant go away by itself, its hole in the tooth cause by debris on the teeth and bacteria in the mouth. Sometimes you get a cavity even when you think you're doing everything right, but try using Listerine twice a day along with brushing. As for the dentist you will have to go and if its any consolation, I've had more than one cavity and its really not that bad at all. But I understand you have a fear of needles, but some dentists offices will offer patients who are very scared to take a sedative before beginning, this will relax you and make it much easier for you to cope. I've seen this announced on TV. Good Luck sweety and remember its NOT THAT BAD, TRUST ME THERE IS MUCH WORSE IN LIFE...good luck and take care
If you want to keep your teeth it would be in your best interest to visit your dentist! As far as I know you can not get rid of a cavity without a filling. Go soon or you may end up having to do a root canal!
Don't worry too much. Dentists have a topical numbing solution that they put on the tissues before you even get the injection. This numbs the tissues enough so you don't even know that your getting the real thing.

Just let the assistant and the dentist know how nervous you are and they'll take good care of you.

You can also request nitrous during the procedure or Valium to take prior to the appointment. Both of these also help to relax you. Of cousre, they do cost extra.

But don't wait too long. The longer you do wait the more work you'll have to have done and it'll cost more $.
I would get it pulled out if the cavity is big
Sweetheart i totally sympathise with you, i have been Dental nurse for more years than i care to remember and i hate injections, i am also very prone to passing out when i have them but when my patients have them I'm fine!
You really should pay a visit to your local dentist, it's not like when you were a child and the dentist's were a bit stern and his assistant looked like she was away with the faires!
Both dentist and assistant are highly trained and they both know the most important person in the room is the patient and will be able to ease all of you fears and anxieties.
I have found in the past with nervous patients that having them in the surgery before their initial visit and allowing them to see the instruments that we will be using during treatment can be quite beneficial, we let them sit in the dental chair and we explain without going into to much dental terminology what will happen during the procedure, it has helped many of our patients but some have been even more apprehensive.
Explain to your dentist and his assistant how scared you are they will both understand, it's part of their job, if you really dont feel you can have any treatment under a local ask to be referred where you can be sedated.
Good luck

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