Mouthwash? PLEASE HELP!?

What happens if you do mouthwash but them rinse. I rinse after because i am scared i am going to die if i swallow a little bit of mouthwash!! Please tell me what will happen if i do mouthwash and swallow a little of it! Also what will happen if i do rinse!!?
Answers:    Man, what are you using for mouthwash? Commercial mouthwash won't kill you if you ingest a LITTLE of it. Read the label on the bottle. There isn't a "certain death if swallowed" warning, right? They do warn about young kids using mouthwash because they tend to swallow all of it.

Wait about thirty minutes after using mouthwash before eating or drinking anything. Don't rinse until after the 30 minutes are up.
You are not going to die from swallowing a little mouthwash. Drink some water and dilute it if it upsets your stomach.
if you swallow just a little, you'll live. i've done it plenty of times. it just stings a little and your eyes will probably water. if you rinse, it just kills most of the bacteria in your mouth and makes it minty fresh!
nothing, unless you drink the whole bottle then yea, most likely you'll become sick.
If you rinse it out, it won't be as effective at killing germs. But if the taste bothers you, go ahead. It is perfectly OK to swallow a bit of mouthwash.
Of course you wont die or get sick from swallowing mouthwash. The active ingredient in most mouthwashes is alcohol. It is what kills the bacteria in your mouth that cause the foul odor. If you rinse your mouth with water you are only reducing the amount of bacteria being killed becuase the contact time of the alcohol in your mouth has been reduced. However, mouth wash been formulated in such a way that the contact needed is minimal to be effective. So to both your questions its no big deal.
Rest assured you will not die from swallowing mouthwash unless you are actually chugging the whole bottle. The amount an average person swallows is too negligible and should not be a cause for concern. If you are using a fluoride mouthrinse then you shouldnt eat or drink or rinse your mouth for 30 minutes afterwards. But if it is a product like Listerine or Scope, i havent heard anything negative about rinsing out immediately, except if you dont like the flavor of the mouthwash.
OMG! Don't drink the mouthwash, my friend's cousins aunt's sister's husband's baby momma swallowed a little bit and she grew a second tongue overnite. It was gross.
If you swallow mouth wash nothing will happen. If you drink a bunch of it you'll get a stomach ach but you have to drink a bunch like a whole bottle but still nothing bad will happen. There is just a bunch of alcohol in it. I tried to drink a bunch when I was a dumb kid to get drunk and I just got a stomach ache
You should rinse out mouthwash. Some dentists feel that the alcohol in mouthwash can be irritating and may cause mouth cancer.

There is now mouthwash that does not contain alcohol, but the company won't tell me if it kills as many germs as the one which does. And I don't about the safety of the new ingredients.

I did study mouthwash and I can tell you that Listerine and Lavoris (don't know if that is still on the market) killed all bacteria when I tested. Scope and Cepacol did not. It seems that killing bacteria reduces gingivitis and periodontal disease.

There is a theory that swallowing bacteria in the morning thickens blood and can lead to heart attack. I don't know if it is proven, but it scares me enough that I gargle.
I used Advanced Listerine Antiseptic with Tartar Protection and I usually don't rinse after I used it, and often enough I have swallowed a little tiny bit, but nothing wrong happened to me.

You will not die for swallowing a little bit, but if for some reasons you swallow a spoonful amount, you should call the Poison Control Center Hotline right away 1-800-222-1222.
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