Can the molar be saved?

I have a cracked tooth, it goes all the way down the middle to the gum and a piece came out of it. It's a pretty huge gap and it hurts like crazy. It's been like this for a while now, but I'm a big chicken when it comes to dentists. Just recently did it start to HURT like crazy, I'm going to have to suck it up and go in. Just so I know what to expect, Any saving that tooth?
Answers:    Hopefully you'll be able to save this tooth.
Sometimes the crack feels alot bigger to your tongue. Let's hope that's the case.
Sounds like it will need a root canal. Afterwards a post will be placed for stabilization and then a crown to protect what's left of the tooth. It's extremely important to have the post and crown placed afterwards or you will have wasted the investment you made with the root canal.
Other option: extraction.
Even though the extraction is less expensive, in the long run it will end up to be the most expensive option.
If you have it extracted and don't have the tooth replaced with a bridge or implant, you will experience shifting. If it's a lower tooth, your upper tooth above it will grow down to close the space, and the teeth next to it will move to do the same.
This will change the way you bite, and can potentially cause problems with your tmj (your jaw joints).
First-Get out of discomfort !
Hey girl.

I too am a chicken when it comes to dentists, but your situation sounds bad! If there's a gap and your tooth is split right down the middle, I don't think anything can be done to save your tooth. In addition, it might be cheaper to just have it pulled.

Take care!
It depends on how far down it is and how much decay they find. You can either do a root canal or they can pull it, again, depending on the decay. A root canal means they go into the tooth with little screw-like things and take out all the inside of the tooth. Then they put in a really sophisticated filling and a crown over it all. It's quite expensive and a true pain but if you want to save it, that's the way to go. If not, they will pull it and put in a bridge. Good luck!!
No. Hurry up! Stop cackling.
your tooth might not be able to be saved it depends on how
much tooth has broken off,
but i can tell you if your options are to either root canal or extract definatly go root canal it doesnt hurt and molars are very important teeth if you can keep them thats good
From one severly dentist phobic gal to another, have it pulled, depending on what your dentist says, of course. I had an absessed molar last year that became so infected half my face was swollen...not cute. I am terrified of the dentist, but asked for recomendations and ended up going to a great doc who completely put me out before the extraction then sent me home with a bottle of hydros and I was fine. It will take some getting used to a big empty space in the back of your mouth, but mine hasn't affected my daily life. Good luck.
a good dentist might be able to save it, depending on how bad it is. sounds like you should probably have it pulled though since you have been piddeling around with it for awhile. the longer you wait the more chance of loosing the tooth, and of getting an infection.
Well I work at a dental office and sounds to me that youare probably going to have to extract it. There could be possibility for a root canal but most likely an extraction.
If I was you I'd just have it pulled and get it over with. It's a lot faster and cheaper than anything else that probly won't work anyways. I had quite a few of mine pulled by the time I got to high school. Never had anymore trouble with those teeth again.

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