can receding gum lines be fixed by a dentist ?

receding gums
Answers:    The short answer here is no.Receding gum line is actually the bone that hold your teeth receding;this is caused by gingivitis bactereia between the gum and teeth,gum separating from teeth..The good news though it can be stopped,increase brushing to three timesa day,floss at least once a day,after every brush wash with Listerine.In addition to all of that visit your dentist and have a cleaning done every four months,every three months for the first year.This is all based on my experience and advice from my dentist.
The dentisit will tell you how to fix receding gum lines.
Paddy, receding gums are part of aging, just like receding hair lines.
Have you ever heard the expression "long in the tooth"?

Too bad that youth is wasted on young people, isn't it.
The dentist usually doesn't fix receeding gums but a periodontist does. They take skin from the roof of your mouth and graft it to the receeding area's. It works very good and saves your teeth. Saying that one must accept gum recession is like saying all people have to have dentures when they are older. There is reasons for gum recession. Mainly from improper brushing. Which I wish I had learned about when I was younger and have seriously drilled into my kids heads.

I found a website that discusses the proper way to brush and have shared this site with many since finding it. If you follow these steps then having receeding gums will not be an issue or at least reduce the chances greatly.

There is also a cosmetic fix to gum recession but only masks the "long in the tooth" look. It is called a gingival mask. Which is flexible fake gums that fit over the teeth.

This site explains gum recession.
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