I chipped my tooth just a bit. How long will it take to heal?

Today to show my friend a feature of my Sharpie Mini, I tried to get the silver clip cap off it. Unable to get it with my fingers, i tried to bite it. The silver part chipped my front tooth a bit. These are my permanent teeth and it hurts pretty badly, like when I drink of bite food. About how long will it take to heal, and is there anything I can do to speed the process?
Answers:    It will stop hurting very soon, but a chipped tooth will never grow back the enamel and dentyne you lost. You need a crown (expensive) for that.
teeth won't grow back
It won't heal on it's own. You need to go see a dentist!
Teeth do not heal...ever. You have chipped it down to the dentin (pulp) and near to the nerve, that is why it is that sensitive. It does not grow back. You must go to the dentist...it will probably need to be capped.
wooh! this is serious, it needs a dentist attention. please go have it checked right away. that kind of thing usually only gets worse, and i much worse. ...tons of pain. i myself chipped my tooth, but it doesnt hurt bc it wasnt near the nerve. this needs only to be filed by the dentist to fix. but trust me, if it hurts: see a dentist asap!!
Teeth "don't" heal !
it wont just heal. teeth dont just heal or grow back. they are bones. if you break them, you have to go to the dentist.
it will not heal without dental work, you need to see your dentist. in the meantime you can take over the counter pain relievers for the pain and/or orajel or ambesol.
hey, i have a friend who just did that... it depends what age you are. If your young then it might grow back. but if not, then you need to go see a dentist. sorry if this dosen't help!
I think u should go to the dentist to get it filled, I had to when I chipped my tooth from a scooter accident. You can't really replace the enamel on your tooth with the real thing, so your tooth will probably always be sensitive to cold foods. At least that's what it's like with my tooth.=)
It will not heal.you have more than likely exposed a nerve in the tooth for it to be sensitive to hot and cold..You definitely need to see a dentist where he will determine how to fix it ...maybe he can just polish it or it may have to be crowned..
You may need to go to the dentist to have it fixed. Sometimes when you chip a tooth it can be a sign of a cavity or other problems. Call your dentist. In the meantime go to the pharmacy, they normally have some numbing gels
It wont heal! You will need to go to the dentist & get it fixed, especially if it's hurting. It will just keep getting worse with time.
see your dentist.

A tooth that is chipped or not badly fractured can usually be handled on a nonemergency basis.

A tooth that is badly fractured may have exposed nerve tissue inside the tooth.

In this case, immediate attention is needed to avoid infection, abscess, and pain.
Chipped teeth do not heal. It is not like getting a cut on your finger. If it doesn't hurt, show it to your parents and decide if you need to see a dentist. If the chip is bad enough, it leaves the dentin exposed for cavities. If it hurts, have your parents call the dentist right away and get you an appointment.
see a dentist, he'll probably put a pin in your tooth

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