Questions about wisdom teeth removal?

I'm finally getting my wisdom teeth removed next week! I just wanted to ask those of you that have had the procedure done a few questions...

1. Do they give you the numbing shots before the IV or after you're asleep?

2. How hard is it to wake up from the anesthesia?

Thanks so much!
Answers:    i got the iv first, so if i got numbing shots it was after i was asleep. i woke up pretty easily, but slept for most of the rest of the day and thanks to pain meds felt groggy for 3-5 days.
it wasn't a bad experience at all, the pain meds help you forget most of it. i lived on milkshakes for several days, it was great.
I think it depends on the dentist. If you are really concern I would ask the dentist who will be performing the surgery. I had my done and they didn't put me to sleep. It was like getting a tooth pulled.
u wont be sleeping at any stage
they would give u anesthesia and then u would not feel any pain
its only when the anesthesia effect starts wearing out u feel pain
nothing to be worried about
I had them removed with local anasthesia only.
I had my removed under a local. So, I can only assume that they give you the IV and medicine and put to sleep. I don't think you would need the numbing shots if you are going to be put to sleep. I'm not sure about this, I'm only guessing. As far as waking up from the anesthesia, it depends on each individual. For some people it takes a long time and others only a short while. Depends on how your body metabolizes the drugs given. They do give you a drug, in the IV, to help you wake up. You can always call the office and ask these questions. They should be willing to give you straight up answers.
What IV? If your wisdoms are not impacted they will not knock you out. They get you in the chair, and give you some large doses of novi and you are numb and drooling in about 20 minutes. Then they get in there and start the extraction process. All you feel is the tugging. If they are impaced you will get the IV to knock you out and thats it, then they go to work.
If you are having wisdom teeth extracted in hospital.

1 they give you a pre-med anaasthetic followed by a full anasthetic. Mine was sodium pentathol.

2 Initially it is easy as the post op nurse will wake you, to make sure you are OK. you will probably want to sleep for about 10 hours.

If you are at all worried, ask the person doing the operation.
if they are putting you to sleep, they will only give you an iv. you will go to sleep right away. there will be no need for the numbing med. since you will be knocked out.

it's not hard to wake up out of it. from what i understand, there are different types of anesthesia based on the condition that is being treated.

you will be pretty drowsy thou. you have to have someone drive you home, or arrange for a cab before hand. make sure that the person that is picking you know to go fill your pain med. prescription. what i did was to have my ride drop me off at home, then she went to fill my prescription.

by the time you get home, you will probably feel a little hungry. you should have some juice or chicken broth before going to bed. you will sleep for a long time.

make sure that when you wake up, you change your gauze, and if you start feeling just a little bit of sensation in your mouth to take your meds right then. the pain is pretty sharp and it will come on pretty quick.

the main pain will be gone by day three. the swelling will last for about a week or so. your mouth will be sore for a few weeks. varying in degrees. but it's all bearable.

since i don't like the idea of getting hooked on any medication, i only took the pills they gave me for two days. after that, the pain was manageable enough that i took tylenol extra strength (the fast release capsules) work pretty good, and it really does work fast.

one last thing. i hope you are getting all four out at the same time. it's better to do so, i made the mistake in getting two done first and i hated it so much i waited for over five years to get the other side. by then, my teeth had gotten pushed forward, so now i have to wear braces to correct that.

good luck and don't be scared, it will be over before you know it.
The dentist will give you Novacaine (the numbing shot), and you will sit in the chair for like 15 miutes, then he or she will give you laughing gas. You never actually fall asleep, you just (excuse the explanation) look and act like your drunk. When the gas wears off, you will have alot of pain, so i suggest you take some tylonal or something with you.
if you are nervous, ask for a valium before you start, one ot take before you get there, it helps, and best thing to do is get it all done in one visit. you also may want to look into nitris (laughing gas) it is so nice, and easy to come out of, better than being put ot sleep, which is not so bad.
Everybody is different. I was completely knocked out to have mine removed and it took me FOREVER to come out of anesthesia. I think I slept 24 hours minus waking up every few hours to puke up blood!! I didn't like it at all. But after about 3 days I was completely fine. Just do everything they tell you to do to avoid dry sockets.they hurt even worse!

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