Scared of getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

well i get my teeth pulled next week, and i don`t know if i`m getting put to sleep or if i`m going to still be awake

i`m kind of afriad and i don`t know !? how is it going to feel i have alot of unanswered questions and i don`t know !? tell me everything ! thank you ! i`m only 15 by the way !
Answers:    Call the dentist's office and ask if you can come in ahead of time for a consultation. If you explain that you're really nervous, they will probably let you do it. Tell the dentist you prefer general anesthesia (being put to sleep with an IV, which will be in your arm or hand) so you won't be awake when it happens. Say that you just feel you'll be too anxious during the procedure otherwise. I had mine taken out that way, and it was so much easier. I was scared of having them done while being awake, too, and my dentist told me that there are grown men who beg to be put to sleep because they're scared, too! It's nothing to be afraid of or anything either way, though...don't be too upset if they say they won't put you under. Either way, they will be numbing you up so you won't feel a thing. Just phone your dentist ASAP and ask about coming in and getting your unanswered questions resolved, because that is the most important thing. Good luck, sweetie!
I thought it was going to be horrible but I got it done and it was nothing! They put me out like a light and I woke my Dad drove me home and I slept for hours. The next few days your mouth will be sore but you'll get over it. Millions of people have it done everyday. If you don't you could have some serious decay problems back there! Eeks!
well, first of all good luck. it won't be as bad as it sounds. i have had many friends get their teeth pulled, and they are still alive! lol don't worry about it:) plus it is also a little excuse you can use to get some pampering afterwards! lol i'm hoping for the best for you! you'll be great!
I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 15 too. They put you to sleep...I was nervous about it because I can't stand needles, but the iv didn't hurt at all. The only thing that really sucked was the following week. Everyone heals differently, but you should expect a little chipmunk cheek thing for a few days. I hid out for 1 and 1/2 weeks afterwords. Don't worry'll get plenty of pain killers.
I had to be awake to cooperate with getting an impacted tooth out--they gave me lots of valium and nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and it really was no problem. Almost fun, as I recall :-). When the drugs wore off, though, my mouth was pretty sore.

The next 3 days were spent on liquids or real soft foods...I felt like a bunny when I chewed. After a week, all was back to normal except for the big pockets in my gums that collected gunk. After a few months they were gone, though. And everything is much more comfortable now than before.
mine needed to be cut out, so i was put to sleep. i don't know if you need to be. some people have strange reactions when waking up like crying for no reason, feeling uncomfortable (squirmy like a baby), and of course "out of it". sleep afterwards, don't drink through straws, learn to love non-solid foods. i did not experience pain afterward, though my sis did.if you start to feel pain, for god's sake take the pain pill. do what the doc tells you to do and rinse your mouth with salt and water solution to kills germs. if you do what you are supposed to, you should have no prob ;)
I got my wisdom teeth out when I was 14 and I didn't have any pain. I barely even remember it, but I know it wasn't that bad. The worst part about it was wanting to eat regular food when I could only have soft stuff. I was put to sleep for it (like I think most people are). After about a week I could eat more regular food, but not seeds or nuts because they could get stuck where it was healing and have the skin actually heal on top of it (gross, I know). Anyway, my teeth healed great and now I'm fine and never have to have that done again.
Don't worry. I had mine out 3 months ago. they put me to sleep and the next thing i knew i was waking up and it was done. It only took like 45 minutes, because mine were way down deep in the gum and he had to dig for them. But it was worth it, the best part of it is you don't have to do any chores for a couple of days and they give you great pain medications. when you get home just sit on the couch watch tv and sleep. That is what I did. In two days i was back to work. The Dr. may put you to sleep. I was because they were down in there. Some Drs. give you a choice if you want to stay awake or be put to sleep.
If you are put to sleep when you wake up you will feel like you have a heavy head and want to go to sleep. They put me in a recovery area where I could sleep with an ice pack on my jaw. Then the Dr. came in to check on me and change the gauze. Left then came back and helped me out to the car. Just relax and you will be fine. I was really nervous when I had mine down but if you have the right doctor everything will be fine. good luck, let me know how it goes.

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