What causes the film in your mouth?

When younger I don't recall this ever happening but now, in the morning, I seem to have a film in my mouth that can basically just peel off. Does anyone know anything about this? Does it just come with aging? Connected to diet (I only eat healthy food.)?
Answers:    it happened to me not too long ago, and after carefully examining everything i did prior going to bed it turned out my tooth-paste was making my mouth peel from inside. Try and change your tooth-paste. Looks like there are some of us allergic to certain compounds in whitening toothpaste.
If you smoke, I have heard that can cause it, maybe if you are grinding your teeth in your sleep... Don't know for sure, but I have had that quite often, and you can brush it off when you brush your teeth... I know that sounds gross, but it works!
How much fungusy stuff to you eat? Yeast bread, mushrooms, beans, hard cheeses. They're good for you, unless your yeast is too high. You have thrush = film. You should probably cut all this out of your diet until you balance out again. Also, if you've had a series with prescription meds, this is gonna' jack up your yeast levels too. The cure is tasty and affordable: yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, vinegar, buttermilk, sour cream, crema fresca. Re-establishes proper levels of friendly bacteria into your digestive system, which your body needs to operate healthily. 50% yeast/50%friendly bacteria.
That morning film is bacteria. It could be related to aging or the result of sinus problems. Are you also experiencing a dry mouth in the morning? Do you have sinus problems? Do you wake up with clogged sinuses?

One way to alleviate the morning film is to use hydrogen peroxide (3%) as your mouthwash as follows:

Make sure you brush your teeth and clean your mouth thoroughly. Every morning and before bed a) brush your teeth (and your gums and your tongue and beneath your tongue), b) floss your teeth, and c) scrape your tongue.

After brushing, flossing and scraping use Hydrogen Peroxide as your mouth wash. You can buy hydrogen peroxide (3% in the brown bottle) at your local drugstore for about $1 for a 16 ounce bottle. Mix 1/2 ounce hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 ounce hot water and swirl in your mouth for about 1 minute. Spit out (DO NOT SWALLOW) and then rinse your mouth out several times with cool water

Finally, go to the dentist and make sure you don't have any cavities. Those bacteria THRIVE on cavities!

Using hydrogen peroxide for your mouthwash will not only freshen your breath, it will whiten your teeth and help prevent future cavities.

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