Can charcoal whiten teeth?

I read in many places on the Internet that charcoal has great whitening power.

If it does whiten them... How many times do you have to brush your teeth with it to see results?
Answers:    I know it was used in the olden days prior to toothpastes. But then so was bicarbonate of soda. The latter has made a comback in toothpastes for its mild abrasive action, hence whitening power. Some overseas companies are producing toothpaste with charcoal, presumably it is also for its mild abrasive action, for whitening. But I am not certain, this is a guess. The only other advantage I could see from charcoal would be as an odour absorber because charcoal tablets/capsules are sued to absorb gases in the intestinal tract.
I certainly wouldn't advocate going out and buying charcoal powder and using like that. You might cause more harm than good - to yur gums for instance.
plz dont use it
go for a better toothpaste
yerrr no ur a retard
-.- but charcoal is black, that wouldnt make any sence, i think someone is pulling your leg.
Charcoal would make your teeth blacker?

Toothpaste is ALOT better.
once a week..i guess...
I have not read where charcoal is for making teeth white. It is used for many things and even given as medication in pill form.

The charcoal you use in the BBQ is not what they are talking about. Most likely it would be processed activated charcoal.

It sure will not harm you unless you swall a vast amount of it.
well i think it works years ago i used to rub coal on my teeth if we didnt have any toothpaste in the house and my teeth were always white and still are in great condition
i heard so...i think the result will come after 1 week or so...its not magic!

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