Tooth extraction?

I had a tooth removed yesterday but a tiny piece was left behind in my gum. My dentist tried to remove it but he said It might now have to be done in hospital. I have antibiotics and was told that it may sort itsef out is this possible surely it cannot stay in there?
Answers:    I wouldn't have thought so. If it doesn't come out by itself, i would suspect you would need to go into hospital!
The problem is, it's a dead piece of tooth, and it might rot and cause infection! Chase it up!
when i had my wisdom teeth out i had the same problem. it abcessed and i eventually poped it. no problems since.
yes it is possible it will work its own way out, i had small pieces of tooth remaining in my gum after my extraction but they did eventually come out while eating and brushing my teeth, took a few months though.
I once had a similar problem in that the dentist ground two broken stumps down and put a bridge (denture) over them. A couple of years later it cost me over £100 for emergency treatment to have them removed as they'd become infected.

In your position i would demand it was removed. Good luck.
The body is awesome in how it gets rid of objects that are stuck. Alot of times the body will slowly work the peice out and it will fall out on its own. Its the same thing that happens when you get a rock under your skin, and it works itself out.
But if it doesn't come out on its own, then surgery might be needed. Make sure you keep appointments with your dentist to track it.
Good luck!
Sometimes the little bits float to the top of the gum and get out that way, but if its more than just the shell of the tooth I would get a second opinion.

I had a bit left in my gums once, they dug it out (which was HORRIBLE) and I ended up getting a dry socket which wasthe most pain I ever had.
Take my advice and get it sorted as soon as you can.
I had this a couple of years ago. I had a wisdom tooth removed but they left a tiny bit of root in there. I had antibiotics too and it didnt cause me any pain at all. Saying that though, I had the tooth next to it removed last year and I had them take out the bits of root too just incase. Honestly, it should be fine, but if it gives you any grief go straight back to the dentist. Toothache is the worst thing in the world! :D
Poor you, i had my wisdom tooth out last week so i send you good thoughts for your recovery! If there is only a little bit of tooth left it should work its own way out of the gum as it is healing, kinda like a splinter does, the bit left won't stay in there as it won't have any roots to keep it anchored down. Try not to worry too much, the dentist will let you know more when you go for your check-up.
Absolutely yes because very dangerous if tiny a piece still remain in your gum please pullout for preventing infection
i did have a tooth out a few months ago a bit was left and did work its way out by its self i never had no problems and healed well.x
LOL. Stand up to yourself and ask the dentist to give you your money back. A good one would have referred you to the hospital or an stomatologist (don't know if this is the right term, but that's how we call them over here) instead of doing it him/herself.
This seems a bit odd, I am a dental nurse and am wondering why you were given antibiotics. Have you got an infection? because taking medication will not make a tooth fragment fall out. It could be a number things 1. It might not be a tooth fragment, it could be a bone spur, sometimes when a tooth is removed the bones either side can fracture or will stick up as sharp points. If it is a bone fragment can be removed quite easily with some dental tweezers. If it is still attached it can be filed but should be covered with the gum using a stitch otherwise you will get an infection called dry socket. It is an awful infection to get and very painful.
2. If it is a tooth fragment that is attached or even loose, if it is not removed it will cause an infection. All these things can be solved pretty easily with a dentists drill or special forceps, it seems as if your dentist is a bit rubbish at extractions and maybe going to another dentist will be better because if you are referred to the dental hospital you could be waiting months. I hope this has helped but do get it sorted asap because as with everything the longer you wait the worse it will get. Good luck.
Was this a general dentist? They don't usually have the resources for extractions (instruments nor training). You didn't say what country you are from...perhaps outside the US oral surgeons only operate in hospitals. It sounds like a root tip was left, and the fact that you are on antibiotics may have nothing to do with the retained piece, you may have had an infection.
This can happen after an extraction and it's nothing to worry about, it's normally a tiny fragment of bone which has been left behind and your own body will know that it's still there and will automatically shred it out.
If however it becomes infected or you are in any pain go back to your dentist and hopefully he/she will be able to take an xray and be able to see if the foreign body is still there and if need's be refer you to the hospital.
iv worked as a dental assistant for 4years now so i have seen this many of tI'mes. im taking it that the root of the tooth got broken during the extraction, this is very common. as long as you don't mess with it and irritate the gum the reaming root will be OK, it will work its way to the top on its own and come away from the gum, it is safe, for it not to be the dentist wouldn't of left it there, so don't worry it will be fine. if you do have any problems with it just pop to see your dentist and I'm sure they will give you something for it.
hope this has helped you

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