What does smoking cigarettes do to your teeth?

Most specifically does can it contribute to the formation of plaque?
I know that it can lead to plaque in your arteries, but I'm wondering if it can do the same with tooth plaque.
Answers:    tooth plaque and the plaque in your arteries are totally different. cigarettes do not cause tooth plaque...it is the nicotine chemical that stains your teeth yellowish. it also makes your gums recede and makes you more prone to gingivitus.
all i know is that it leaves a yellowish tint behind your teeth that is nasty
It stains them and leaves a film on your teeth which can encourage bacteria growth.

It can also lead to cancer of the mouth and tongue which would lead to removal of parts of your gums, tongue and mouth. Yum.
Sometimes, but its not very common, but it makes your teeth yellow.
It unfortunately can... let alone that brownish yellowish color it leaves..
It stains your teeth, which is why you need a smoker's toothpaste to remove the dinginess
I don't know about the plaque. But it turns your teeth brown. I saw it firsthand in my ex-mother-in-law. Gross.
keep them healthy
Worse than just plaque. Plaque gets cleaned off when you get your teeth cleaned. Smoking can cause infected gums, which are disgusting and painful, and you can lose teeth. Yccch.
No, smoking does not cause any buildup of plaque. It does stain your teeth.

The biggest concern is that smoking damages your gums. You can't have healthy teeth without healthy gums. You can remove the stains on your teeth from smoking, but there's really nothing you can do to reverse the damage to your gums.
I've never heard of it causing plaque formation, but it will turn your teeth (and mustache on guys) yellow and you will have bad breath.

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