What would happen if i dont get my wisdom teeth pulled?

the dentist said that though it's not a problem right now, eventually my wisdom teeth needs to be pulled so i was just wondering.whats the worse that can happen if i dont do it i mean.teeth.pulled. x_x *faint*
Answers:    dentists always reccommend wisdom teeth pulled.
They say its a pain to clean and keep clean, and that eventually there will be cavities. That may or may not be true for you. dont worry about it. Im in my late 30's and still have my wisdom teeth with no problems at all. I say IF your not having any problems then there is no need to get rid of them. That just costs money.
SO unless you had braces, then you do need to rid the teeth, as they will undo all the straightening.
Your teeth will slowly but surely become crookeder and crookeder, eventually they will push other teeth out, and even make them grow through the top of your mouth, through you brain and out the top of your head like lisa on the simpsons. But seriously they will make your other teeth move.
They could become impacted and infected. You will feel much better when they are out. They also tend to crowd the teeth you already have and they hurt like *&^*% when they start breaking through your gums.
i had the same problem 2 months ago,,some wisdom teeth comes not streight,,so it pushes the teeths next to it and your teeth will all be on each other.
I thought I would put off doing this.and then one of the wisdom teeth started cutting into my gums.eventually I got an infection. They told me had I not come in the infection would have gotten into my blood stream and then we would have had big problems. Definitely do not put off getting them pulled!!
First of all, if your teeth aren't growing in wrong, they might not need to be pulled. Secondly, if you do have to have them pulled, you will be completely knocked out if you want. That's what I did, I'm a big baby, and I had all 4 pulled at once.
If your wisdom teeth are "impacted" or still down inside your gums, they can cause all sort of problems, but the worst case scenario is that they can actually become cancerous. Additionally, they can push your other teeth around, cause you pain, and make your other teeth crooked. It is best to get them removed if you have the means to do so.
I think they can damage the teeth next to them, even break them. It depends though on weather or not they are impacted. I'm supposed to have mine removed too but I have no dental insurance :( so oh well ask me in a few more years and I'll let you know from personal experiance.
Infection after infection when they start proceeding thru the gum. No worse pain than a toothache! It is not fun to take rounds upon rounds of antibiotics, and some dentists will only give you so many rounds so that you must have them removed. It is not healthy to take so many antibiotics.
Why remove a wisdom tooth?

http://www.members.aol.com/swf08302/wizdk.jpg shows one reason. This is what can happen by the time you are 40 or 50 if you leave a wisdom tooth in place when it is impacted. The red arrows on the x-ray show the grey area that has decayed due to the wisdom tooth being present under the gum. THe tooth shown is the exact same tooth shown in the x-ray, but turned so you can see the cavity. Food and bacteria can get down there and you can't clean it out. Eventually, it makes a cavity in the tooth next to the wisdom tooth and makes it so you have to have BOTH teeth removed.
your teeth will ecentually get all squshed and they wont be straight i would just have them taken out your going to have to anyway sometme we all do and we all dont nedd them.
I dont know, but i had to get one of mine pulled today. The pulling and shots didnt hurt a bit. But after it was out i was in terriable pain. Although i had a great dentist that did an excellent job. Just dont wait till its too late. Keep good care of your teeth. Wisdom teeth didnt bother me but the healing process is a P-A-I-N. The pain medication does wonders though.
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