How long should you wait until you put dentures in after you have your teeth pulled?

Many of the doctor's offices say to put the dentures in right away. People I have talked to that did that had far more problems with the fit of the dentures. The ones that waited 6 weeks had far better fit. What is the reason for putting in the dentures right away?
Answers:    Skahhh, We always put dentures in right after taking teeth out. It is not to get more money, it is actually a bigger headache for me to do it that way. Ideally the teeth need to be out and completly healed for 4-6 months typically if you want to wait on getting teeth.. The reason for doing a denture following the extractions are multi-fold : 1. It allows you not to go without teeth for 4-6 months, not many people can survive in today's society without teeth 2. It acts like a "band-aid" and keeps the swelling and bleeding to a minimum. 3. It gives you a look at what they will look like.
After the healing is complete, I usually reline the denture, which is a 1 day procedure where new plastic is added to the tissue side to make it fit more like a "glove" or if you do not like something about the original, you keep it for a spare an I will make a new one that fits better.
please ask your dentist
Just make sure you put them in before you go out.
There isn't a really good reason to do it right away- other than money for their pockets. Usually you wait about 5 weeks to let everything heal. If you do it right away- you have to have them adjusted again anyway, and they dont' heal as well.
In immediate dentures, the dr. will take an impression before he extracts your teeth. He will then make a temporary set of dentures, (Very light in weight). He will place them in immediately following the extractions.During the course of a few weeks he will "fine tune" the temp set until they are comfortable and your gums hace completely healed.
He will then make your permanent from the mold of the temp set.
This procedure is 2 fold...cosmetic, and insures a perfect fit.
Good luck
Many people get immediate dentures right after the extractions, the immediate dentures act as a bandage over the extraction site as well is for aesthetic reasons. This denture is only for show and will have to be relined or remade once the bone shrinks and heals. We recommend waiting 6 months to have dentures remade after extractions.

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