How long does it take to get braces after your first orthodontic appointment?

i have my first appointment in june and i dont think im on the nhs anymore. I have been told that i will have to have braces for several years now but this is the first time my dentist is doing anything about it.
Answers:    regularly, the first visit is consultations and advises of hwat to do and what to expect. if all is settled, the next visit can be the actual applying of the braces, then a visit every two weeks to check the brace and teeth conditions.
It depends on what you need, I had to have a plate for two years then I had separators for ten days then i got my braces on.
And you still might have to do the moulds and x-rays.
It might be a week or so. Well, if this is your very first time to the orthodontist, then it might be a couple of weeks or months before they put the spacers in. (first you wear spacers then you get braces, it doesnt hurt) But if you have been to the orthadontist before, and they have told you you need braces; they will put the spacers in, and after a week they will put your braces on.
depends on the degree of teeth disorder.
i had my braces on my 4th appointment...the first day, the dentist examined my teeth, the 2nd one for extracting teeth, the 3rd 1 to makea model of the teeth and then the forth one to fix my braces on my teeth

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