How dangerous is an untreated cavity?

I know a lady whose teenager has a cavity - you can see it - it's almost black, but the teen says it doesn't hurt - even though part of the tooth broke off - so the mom is not worrying about it. Will the tooth just eventually fall out on it's own? She is concerned, I think, about the cost of having it treated at the dentist's office - and the teen is probably worried about how the dentist would treat it. I think they should go in and have something done about it. Anyone know what all would be involved so that I can intelligently suggest this to them?
Answers:    It will eventually abcess. Besides the pain it puts a lot of poison into your bloodstream and is hard on your heart. It usually won't fall out on it's own but keep chipping until it's down to the gums, then it WILL abcess. If she can't afford it she should apply for Medicaid for minors. The income limit is much higher. Even in Ky. you can get it for your kids if you make under $26,000 a year. Plus certain bills are deducted even before figuring your gross. If not eligible she can go to the counselor at his school & they usually know of resources that can do it for free or greatly reduced prices. Tell her to contact social services & they can tell her over the phone if she's eligible. My dad and husband suffered for years due to lack of insurance and funds. Both lost almost all their teeth a little over 50 yrs. old & the few left continued to abcess & hurt their hearts. The problem won't just go away & better to have it fixed now before the problems or he's too old to get help. Your smile is worth alot in the business world he'll soon be entering & it could make a big difference. Plus cavities are caused by bacteria so it can also spread to the other teeth when exposed like that.
He's gonna end up losing his tooth. It costs a hell of a lot less to fix a cavity then it does to replace a tooth. Plus, black teeth are gross.
well I have had a cavity filled, so what they do is give you a shot in the gums to num the area(it hurts really bad!) but feels kinda cool after. Then they drill the cavity down till there is no problem area's seen and then they fill the cavities hole with some stuff it can either be silver or you can ask for white so it wont be noticable.
If the cavity is too big and since you mentioned that part of the tooth has broke off, there's no way to fill it. The only way to save the tooth is to undergo root canal treatment (to prevent any future pain) and to cap the tooth, if there still remain some part of the tooth. However, it is costly. The dentist or endodontist can evaluate the condition and the cost. In worst senario, where the tooth has rotted to the extreme, it has to be extracted.
I need to add - If it is a milk tooth (not permanent tooth), it may get loosen and fall-off, and if it doesn't fall by itself, she may have to get the dentist to do it.
she needs to go to the dentist ASAP. if she doesnt go, the tooth will rot to the gums and may cause a gum disease and they will have to extract. right now what they might need to do is root canal and crown the tooth with the cavity

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