Bad toothache?

I have a tooth ache. Cant eat cant sleep type.Help!
Answers:    take a wet tea bag and bite down on it with the bad tooth - tastes disgusting, but the tannin in the tea helps numb the pain. Stay away from anything too hot, cold or sweet until you can get to the dentist. You could try rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water, that can help with the pain too. Andin terms of pain killers, you can take 4g of paracetamol (acetaminophen/tylenol) and 2.4g of ibuprofen (motrin) in 24 hours, it's safe to take them together.
apsrin , dissolve it on the tooth, or in the water and just take a mouthful of the water with the dissolved asprin and let it sit in your mouth on the tooth waiting as long as possible before swallowing
oil of cloves works the best It numbs the area , Bonjela - baby teething gel or ice & panadol.
put a little wax over the hole to seal out the cold air and take some motrin untill you can see a dentist
See your dentist, Maybe an absyss.
My tooth is ACHING for treament!!
The only option for true relief is to see your dentist. If one is not available, you can go to an emergency room to get some antibiotics and pain meds--as the problem is probably an infection at the tip of the root (abscess.) This is a temporary fix, as is taking Advil or using clove oil ( which does work for quick relief.) The source of the problem must be treated though, covering the symptoms will not solve the problem.

Please DO NOT place aspirin on the gums; the result will be tissue problems as it causes ulcerations were it lays and dissolves.

Hurry to your dentist. Infection can cause serious health issues.
Good luck, be well!

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