i was wondering is it safe to file your teeth?

i want my teeth to be straight across and even, will this cause cavities or wreck the enamal. What kind of file would i use if this can be done.
Answers:    amature dentistry is an excellent source of business for me.
go to the dentitst
Yuck! I hope that you're not thinking about doing this yourself.

Go see a dentist! It may cost you a bit of money but it sure as hell would be cheaper and less painful than your idea!
This can safely be done at a dentist's office.
Yes, just make sure you file them under "D" for dummy.
I was a dental hygenist and the answer is NO
go see a dentist yes you will ruin your teeth duh!!
You should definetly ask your dentist. Although with prior experience it does hurt, but get it done professional so that you don't get nerve damage or enamel damage. It can be safe if done correctly. Good Luck
straight across teeth would look a little weird wouldn't it? its not quite normal. theres probably a dentist out there that specializes in that, just look around
After my braces were removed my ortho filed two teeth. Let me just say, the filing hurt worse then the braces ever did. Do not do this yourself! A dentist will know where the nerves are located and will have proper tools.
No, it's NOT SAFE. Teeth have layers and filing will destroy or weaken those layers meant to protect them.
Go to the dentist, your teeth should last a lifetime (or at least till you're 80).
Please, don't do this yourself!!I don't know exactly what could go wrong, but the thought of it kinda makes me sick! I had my teeth reshaped by a dentist/orthodontist. It doesn't hurt at all, but the smell is something I will never forget! Grinding teeth smells like burning plastic. YUK! And what if you try and make them worse. Better safe than sorry!
augh this gives me cold chills just thinking about it
The outer layer of your teeth is a very hard enamel, under that is a soft enamel, which is easily attacked. It wouldn't take much to file the hard layer off and expose the soft layer. You could look forward to cavities and expensive dental work. Talk to a dentist if you find the natural ridges offensive. I'm just guessing but I think they can reshape your teeth to suit your preferences and finish up with a protective seal. I know they are pretty good at making fangs, I'm sure they can give you a shape you desire.
no, its not safe, youre teeth shouldnt be flat because you'll have a harder time chewing, thats why they make gaurds for ppl who grind thier teeth
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