Can you wisdom teeth make your ears ring?

if so then what should I do to stop it? (Besides extracting the tooth)
Answers:    NO, wisdom teeth cannot cause tinnitus. The nerve for hearing (the auditory nerve) goes directly from the brainstem to the cochlia (the organ for hearing). Wisdom teeth are nowhere near that nerve, inner ear or middle ear.

Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) is most often the result of progressive hearing loss. It can be associated with age, noise exposure, medications or illness. It has NOT been associated with amalgam fillings nor has it been associated with wisdom teeth in any way.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain and you are taking a lot of medication for the pain, the medication can cause tinnitus or hearing loss (depending on the type).

If you are noticing this ringing recently, you should get a hearing test immediately...see your doctor to have it done.
yes. if they are pressing on nerves, they can. but, also, mercury fillings cause tinnitus. i had it and many patients do. so, if you have them, get them out. if you need the wisdom teeth out, go to a biologic dentist so you do not get a cavitation.


Extractions have to be done well. Normally they pull a tooth out, stick a piece of gauze in there and say bite on it. After the tooth is removed, the socket has to be completely cleaned so that complete healing can occur. If tissue such as torn pieces of ligaments or periosteum is left in the socket and covers the bone, the bone will tend to heal over the top, leaving a hole in the bone, and new bone cannot form. This hole can persist for the rest of the patient's life. It is a chronic infection that is called an alveolar cavitational osteopathosis or cavitation. This means that there is an infected cavity in the bone. These bone infections are only now being seriously researched. If they are fairly easy to prevent by proper socket cleaning, why is this not being done? But many if not most dentists have never heard of cavitations.


A cavitation is an unhealed hole in the jawbone caused by an extracted tooth [or a root canal or an injury to a tooth]. Since wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth, most cavitations are found in the wisdom tooth sites. Please see the graphic and photo below to get a glimpse of what may be in your mouth and the effects it is having. The photo and diagram demonstrate the destructive and pathologic consequence of a routine tooth extraction. Dentists are taught in dental school that once they pull a tooth, the patient's body heals the resulting hole in the jawbone. However, approximately 95% of all tooth extractions result in a pathologic defect called a cavitation. The tooth is attached to the jawbone by a periodontal ligament which is comprised of "jillions" of microscopic fibers. One end of each fiber is attached to the jawbone and the other end of the fiber is attached to the tooth root. When a tooth is extracted, the fibers break midway between the root and the bone. This leaves the socket (the area where the root was anchored in the bone) coated with periodontal ligament fibers.

There are specialized cells in the bone called osteoblasts. Osteoblasts make new bone. The word "osteoblast" means bone former. They are active during growth and maintenance. However, the periodontal ligament prevents the osteoblasts from filling in the tooth socket with bone since the periodontal ligament fibers lining the socket act as a barrier beyond which the osteoblasts cannot form bone. In other words, an osteoblast "sees" a tooth when it "sees" periodontal ligament fibers. Since there are billions of bacteria in the mouth, they easily get into the open tooth socket. Since the bone is unable to fill in the defect of the socket, the newly formed "cavitation" is now infected. Since there is no blood supply to the "cavitation" it is called "ischemic" or "avascular" (without a blood supply). This results in necrosis (tissue death). Hence we call a cavitation an unhealed, chronically infected, avascular, necrotic hole in the bone. The defect acts to an acupuncture meridian the same way a dead tooth (or root canal tooth) acts. It causes an interference field on the meridian which can impair the function and health of other tissues, organs and structures on the meridian. Significantly, the bacteria in the cavitation also produce the same deadly toxins that are produced by the bacteria in root canals (see Root Canals). These toxins are thio-ethers (most toxic organic substance known to man), thio-ethanols, and mercaptans. They have been found in the tumors in women with breast cancer.

Root canals:

The Diane Watson (Congressmen) bill to rid us of mercury by 2007

A SCIENTIFIC RESPONSE to the American Dental Association's Special Report and Statement of Confidence in Dental Amalgam:

The dentist I have referred to has been a dentist 30 years and a biologic dentist over 15 years. One day, he put 15 amalgams in a 12 year old boy. The boy got severe migraines. He couldn't bear to think that it was something he had done. he began to study mercury. Then, he began taking the fillings out and replacing them. The more he removed, the less the headaches. today he is happy and health. It was then he said, "That's it, no more mercury in my office!"

Myself, I nearly died of mercury poisoning. If it were not for my dentist, I would have.

Dr. Kennedy has been practicing preventive dentistry for over 25 years in San Diego, California. He holds a bachelor's degree in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology from the University of Kansas and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He served for two years in the United States Navy Dental Corps. He has lectured internationally to dentists and prefessionals on preventive and restorative dentistry and on the hazards of mercury and fluoride. -Reprinted from How to Save Your Teeth (David Kennedy, DDS).

Dr. Kennedy, D.D.S. says:

I could go on at length. This entire lecture along with appropriate references is available if you would like. Ask for Toxics in Dentistry.

Another Biologic Dentist:
dr Edward Arana, D.D.S.

Downloadable book Tooth Traitors:

Excerpt from Chapter 3 "Trust Me"

"Let’s take a closer look at the ethics of modern dentistry. As you will see in this article, for the majority of dentists it is all about money and little about the cavities, since cavities have declined dramatically in the last 20 years. This article from Reader’s Digest sets the tone for what comes later in this book. Suffice to say that you will find dentists’ credibility poor when they tell us to trust them, their dental association, or the dental industry. Of course there are good dentists out there, but you will see that the majority cannot agree on the simplest diagnosis, so they surely must be ignored in their statements about the safety of amalgam."


According to statistics from
pooled clinical data, today’s
restoratives have an average
half-life of 17-22 years

As Dr Huggins, biochemist, points out, the acute effect of mercury is an increase of immune cell activity although the chronic effect is greatly reduced immune cell function. When you are acutely exposed to an infectious substance or toxin like a flu virus or bacteria or mercury ,you produce more white cells initially .This does not mean that menningitis,hg ,flu etc are good for you . Hg is an excellent cytotoxin (killer of cells).Unfortunately,it does'nt just kill microbes such as diptheria; it kills our cells.Scientists agree that mercury is not beneficial at any dose or as Ralph Nader might put it, hg is unsafe at any speed.The reason hg is used in chilhood vaccines is that it is a cytotoxin. People who have had fillings several years have compromised immune systems.
Mercury produces more DNA breaks than anything on the planet. IT's worse than x rays in terms of DNA damage. Read Molecular Pharmacology volume 26 page 360 for a dicussion of mercury and DNA.
Wisdom teeth can make you very sick when they need to be pulled out. This dosn't hurt as they have shallow roots and usually come out easily be brave and have them pulled it will be worth it.

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