Can a toothache that goes untreated lead to poison in your bloodstream?

I was told that by a friend of mine, who's mother had this problem and she began to swell all over. There has been swelling in my feet and other parts of my body.
Answers:    Yes, this is a bacterial infection in your body. If you have an infection in your tooth the blood supply to it is dead and there is no way for the body to fix the infection. Antibiotics may stop it from spreading but it will not fix it. The tooth either needs a root canal or to be removed. In the meantime all this bacteria from the infection is already past your skin which blocks 99% of all bacteria from getting into your body. So your body is having to fight 100% of the most virulent nasty bacteria you have anywhere in your body. In fact they are proving that people with active tooth infections are more likely to have heart attacks, strokes, blood pressure, and cardiac arrest then people who smoke 3 packs a day.
Yes, it's true. There is a show on Discovery Health--Dr. G, medical examiner. Told the story of this man who did not get treated for an infection in his tooth. The infection spread into his jaw, down his neck and into his chest. In less than 3 days, he was dead. I know this is gross, but when Dr. G open his chest during the autopsy, pus just burst from his chest as soon as she cut into it. It even grossed her out.

So, getting a tooth infection treated as soon as possible is extremely important.
Toothaces going untreated usually result in cavities and tooth loss.
Yes. This can be dangerous. I know a man that ended up in the hospital with a 103 fever because the bacteria in an infected tooth got in his bloodstream. The doctors said that if they waited another day he could have been dead. Get it checked quick. If the bacteria spread to the point where the antibiotics can't catch it, you will die.
its not the toothache that goes into your bloodstream its the infection. If you have any kind of infection in your gum then yes that can go into your blood stream and make you very sick. You should go to the dentist and get checked out. Have you ran any fever?
A toothache means that you have an infected tooth, (infection)
untreated will spread to other places in your body by your blood and that could lead to more infections in multiple places. So if you have a toothache get it treated or you will regret it.

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