Put under anesthetic for wisdom teeth?

I'm getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning and because they are so impacted im being put sleep. Never had an anethetic before and really nervous about it!? has anyone had it for wisdom teeth before? Is it ok? do you sleep deeply or do you know wats going on? does it take long to wake up? IS IT SAFE?! Thanks
Answers:    I went through the same thing -- the only time I've ever had to be put under in my life!

It was scary at first, but as soon as the IV is in your arm, you'll forget to be scared. Here's what will happen:

An IV will be placed in your arm. The doctor (or nurse) will be chatting with you, and will tell you to start counting back from 100. I got to 96. and then I don't remember a thing.

I didn't have a clue what was going on the entire time I was out, and have never flashed back or anything.

I don't know how long it took me to wake up... I just remember waking up and crying. I wasn't even crying due to pain, it was just my body's reaction to the medication.

Within 10 min, I was fine -- groggy, but fine. My mom popped me into the car and drove me home where I had pain meds, cold packs and LOTS of sleep over the next few days.

It's not the nightmare everyone wants you to believe it is. You'll be just fine...
There are certain risk in going under anesthesia - talk to dentist about it. I've had wisdom teeth out. You are totally out of it, asleep, you don't know what is going on or hear or feel anything. They just wake you up when it's over and you remember nothing.
Oh I know how nervous you are...I had two of mine pulled a year ago, and I was also put to sleep. The pain is not that bad and during the surgery you won't feel a thing. Make sure to try and eat a little soup before you go to sleep after surgery. You will end up sleeping for hours, and you will need something on your stomach so that you don't get nauseated. It's over before you know it and the pain is really not that bad. They will give you enough medicine. My biggest problem was wanting to eat solid foods, and I was unable to chew the first two days. Good luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery
Been there, done that.

You won't have a clue what's going on. You will wake up shortly after they are complete but you will be very groggy the remainder of the day. Basically you will go home and sleep.

The anesthesia is the least of your worries. The bleeding/pain/hassle of the major holes that are going to be in your mouth are much worse than the anesthesia.

Good luck, getting the wisdom teeth isn't fun.
There are always risks with general anesthesia but not to worry. Less then 99.99% of all patients under the care of a board certified Oral Surgeon have had lasting complications due to the anesthesia. You lay down and go to sleep. When you wake up you feel groggy and a little sore and will pretty much sleep the rest of the day but this is natural sleep so don't worry about it. Getting nervous only makes it more dificult as it increases the heart rate and metabolic rate causing the anesthesia to break down quicker. Thus they have to use more of it to keep you asleep.
It is safe. Your dentist learned about anesthesia the place doctors learn about it, in a hospital.

they'll hook you up and tell you to count from 100 backwards, I got to 97.
Next thing you'll remember is it being over.
They can turn you off and on, like a light.
You'll probably wake up and be lying down.
you follow their instructions, you'll be just fine.
You'll probably want to take a nap when you get home. Being a bit tired will be the only aftereffect you should have.
Good luck. Just relax. You'll be able to watch"Dr House" tomorrow.
about 2 years ago I had 3 taken out and I was put to sleep. I do not remember a single thing and when I came to I couldn't believe it was all over! Any type of surgery esp, when put under anesthesia is potentially dangerous. If you are being put to sleep you will not be conscious at all and will not know what is going on or hear anything at all. They gave me the option of having the anesthetia where I would be awake but completely numb in my mouth area so I would hear everything but not feel anything. I just did not want to be awake at all. I woke right up when they woke me up, but was drowsy and the nt he pain medicine made me very sleepy while I was on it. My advice: applesauce, rice ( I like applesauce over warm rice), sorbet, etc. Your mouth will be sore but it isn't too terrible.
All 4 of mine were impacted, and they didn't put me to sleep. They just got me REALLY high, I think it was Valium. I was awake through the whole thing, with a local anethestic. an interesting experience.
I strongly do not recommend being put to sleep under general anesthesia in an oral surgeons office. Even though oral surgeons have years of extensive training, I still dont trust these guys! When I had my wisdom teeth pulled I was under local anesthesia and didnt feel a thing. I've talked to several people who have had there wisdom teeth pulled and most of them were under local anesthesia. If I needed to be put under general anesthesia, it would have to be at the hospital.

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