Are humans warm or cold blooded?

Answers:    Humans are warm-blooded animals.

This simply means that we maintain Thermal Homeostasis. In other words we maintain our Core Body Temperature at a fairly constant level in varying temperature conditions.

However, our body is still limited in this capacity. If the temperature either rises or sinks to levels beyond our capacity we can get in serious danger. Heat Stroke can occur if it get's to hot. And, Hypotheria can happen if it gets to cold.

The regualtion of your Body Temperature happens by means of flucuations in your Metabolic Rate. When you are hot you sweat. When you are cold you shiver. These are both means of regulating Body Temperature.

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cold blooded
Most are warm blooded..but lawyers, used car salesmen, and exgirlfriends are cold blooded
Depends on their personality.
warm blooded.
If we were like reptiles, which are cold blooded, we would die if it got too cold. We'd have to lay out in the sun in order to be able to move a little bit.
We are warm blooded because we are mammals.
some women I know are HOT blooded. mmmmmmmmm
being mammals, we are scientifically called warm blooded because our bodies maintain a warm temperature.
When people show no compassion or emotions, they are called cold blooded, not scientific, but emotional.
When someone is loving and compassionate, they are called warm blooded.
If a woman exudes sexiness and emotions, she is called Hot blooded.
I hate the cold and cannot function when cold, so am cold blooded. I like it warm. Ha Ha
All the mammals who walk on earth are usually warm blooded including HUMAMS.
Cold Blooded animals mostly includes Fishs, whales an animals which mostly live in water.
Hope this will help
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warm, we are not reptiles, reptiles are cold blooded. Mammels (like humans) are warm blooded.
Well in general all of us Humans are warm blooded, with the exception of few who are cold blooded like serpents (Not Really) :-) !

Take Care and God Bless !
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