Does Crystal Meth deplete any potassium??

I heard somewhere that doing methamphetamine decreases your bodys natural production of potassium is this true?
Answers:    meth is a diuretic (makes u pee) as well as a stimulant (lots of perspiration) both of which will reduce your potassium levels quickly - many alcoholics also experience low potassium for the same reasons
keep in mind , though, low potassium does not = meth addiction, for example hyperthyroidism also shows low potassium levels
with the high prevalence of meth abuse it probably is a good guess that she's using, though
Come on now. Meth heads don't need to worry about nutrition. Why be worried about potassium when your brain cells are dying?
Don't * with meth- it really will kill you. Or destroy your life-I've seen it happen. All I do is smoke grass and roll. Meth is too dangerous to be messing with. You will be dealing with a lot more than potassium definciency. Don't think I am like a lot of other people on here I am not giving you a lecture or scolding you. I am just trying to help you out.
Crystal Meth depletes your mind. Don't do it and don't let anyone you know do it. It is the most scary drug that anyone can do. You can become addicted to it in a couple of tries and be addicted for life. If you do use it, you will die within years...I mean within the next ten.
If you used to do it, then surely you remember how terrible you allways felt. I have 2 years of sobriety from that and to answer your question, yes, it does deplete it. It depletes your seretonin also. Actually, I would have to say from what I remember, It will dehydrate you and deplete you of any and all vitamins. Have her eat a lot of bananas. Good Luck!

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