Does cinnamon really help treat a UTI?

I'm looking for some natural remedies.

I get them all the time, so I know all about antibiotics. I was just wondering if there was any way to keep the infection from spreading until I can get to the doc.
Answers:    Yes Beth, cinnamon really may help your a UTI.
On the onset of urinary tract symptoms consume vitamin C supplements. It increases the acidity level of urine which helps to decrease the bacteria present in the urinary tract.
You can apply a warm heating pad or hot water bottle on your abdomen to ease the pain.

Use of spices like cinnamon and tincture mixture of herbs like buchu, uva ursi and juniper berries can act as antiseptics to clean kidney and bladder.

Drink one glass of water for every 10 hours of the day. This will help you keep tab on the amount of water you drink.
Avoid bladder irritants like citrus, tomatoes, aged cheese, chocolate, spicy food, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. The irritants may differ for some individuals, but these are some of the common ones.

Drink good amount of cranberry juice as it one of the most simple and natural way of treating urinary tract infection. It prevents as well as heals the infection due to its medicinal properties
Jason Homan
Cranberry pills and lots of water.
i take azo pills,drink alot of water,and cranberry juice.these are really for a bladder infection but it works for me.i get them all the time.i hope it helps.
cranberry juie, yogurt, and water
drink lots of cranberry juice - that works great for uti's. Hope you are feeling better!
Hon, it's not normal to "GET UTI'S ALL THE TIME"! this is a sign that your immune system has been weakened. Probably too many lovers?? Use condoms and actually take a break from sex for about 3 months for your body to rejuvinate!
Skip the cinnamon, you're past that. Drink cranberry juice 3x a day.
Exercise outdoors. Wear clean cotton panties. NOT thongs. Cleanse area w/ Aloe vera juice to ease the burning. You will find this in the drugstore usually on the bottom shelf in a jug. Keep in fridge after opening. You may drink this juice also mixed w/ the cranberry juice. Don't drink coffee...if u smoke cut back drastically.
*And I don't care if u r offended when i say stop bedhopping! My closest friend went to the doctor for her persistant UTI and found out she had HIV! so I don't tip toe around girlz who try to act like women "til they get to the doc!" This could be a sign for something more serious cause it aint normal to get them all the time!

*since u don't like the C-juice drink Apple cider vinegar*
Cinnamon is used effectively with Type 2 diabetes. I have never hear of it being used for UTI.
never heard treating with cinnamon,but barley water is effective as an alternative.cover about 4oz of pearl barley in little water and bring to boil,strain and throw away this water,pour about 21/2 cups of water over the barley and ideally simmer for 5 minutes.add the zest of a lemon in it and let it cool,strain and keep in the fridge if u want.for the first 2 or 3 days u can use barley water as a substitute for water,together with this wash your genital area with warm water mixed with 2 or 3 drops of tea tree essential oil,this eases the discomfort.try and avoid any fizzy drink and spicy food.
i hope this will help you till you get to the doctor.(that is if you have to in the end)

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