Herbs and Cephalexin (antibiotic)?

Are there any herbs or vitamins I should be avoiding while taking Cephalexin? I've been on it for 7 days now and have not noticed much of an improvement (actually more back pain).

I do take a lot of vitamins, herbs and essential oils for personal health reasons and don't much like taking medication. I'm also taking cranberry tablets because I have a urinary tract infection.

I know to take more accidophilus and up my yogurt intake during this time, which I have done. But I'm curious as to why I am not feeling much better by now.

Please lend me your thoughts. I live with two doctors but they are asleep, working or studying 24/7...right now sleeping. I've already gone back to the doctor who has simply extended the antibiotics by 3 days and said they'll call me if they find anything from the lab culture.

Thanks a million!
Answers:    Are you taking the antibiotic for the UTI? I wouldn't take any supplements during this time. I don't know if they for sure interact, but to be on the safe side I would stop. Also, the yogurt isn't going to help right now, because the antibiotic will kill all the new bacteria you introduce. Start those after you are finished with the medication.

If you are still feeling more pain, that type of antibiotic may not be right for you. If you are feeling it in your back, you could have actually devloped a kidney infection, which is a very nasty one.

I would definitely up your dose of Vitamin C in the future if you ever feel another UTI coming on, like 3-4K mg at a time. It definitely helps rid one before you get it.
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