Vitamin supplements for a nightshift worker?

I have been working on night shift for about two months now and I kinda notice that I feel really drowsy, depressed, just a total lack of energy. I started to take b12 supplements, and omega 3 with primrose oil in an attempt to get myself to feel more energized.I still dont feel any sleep is good the thing is I can sleep for 14 hours on my days off and still feel tired..I've had my doctor look into it and he says all my blood work came back normal...unfortunately I live in a small town with no homopathics but we have a walmart.I have been looking into taking more vitamin supplements...the pharmacy here isn't that helpful...can anyone direct me in what supplements I can take to help raise energy levels and to keep myself from feeling sooo blasted tired.thanks:)
Answers:    I worked nights for 10 years. Unless you're a natural night person, it can really take some getting used to. It can literally take you a year to fully adjust. If you're eating a healthy balanced diet, and getting enough sleep, you really shouldn't need to take supplements.

More than likely, your problem is you're not spending enough time in the sunlight each day. This can be really hard to do during the shortened days of winter. If you can, try staying awake for a few hours when you get home. Sit outside, work on a garden (if you have one), or go out for a walk. Let the sun shine on your head, so it can stimulate the pineal gland of the brain. You should also let the sunlight touch your skin (without attempting to tan). This naturally stimulates your body to produce vitamin D.

Eat well, get rest, and give your body more time to adjust. In the meantime, you'll find you feel a lot better during the longer days of summer.
I know what your saying, I just have been drinking a ton of water and that seems to be very helpful! as for vitmins im not sure, i just take a multi vitamin which seems to work!
Try taking RockStar Energy drink, double shot if your trying to get by the night or take triple shot to stay wired for 6 hours.
I heard people take Hydroxycut Hardcore during night shifts and it keeps them up. I use to work in overnight shift @ Fed Ex loading and unloading. It took me 3 month's until my body got use to it. I was exhuasted, tired and didn't feel like talking to anyone. Your body is not use to it, just give it more time.

A quick word of warning.

You're probably about to be bombarded by every vitamin distributor on the planet, wanting to sell you their product.

There's nothing wrong with that, but it's a minefield, and it's incredibly hard to figure out what's right and what's wrong when so many people are screaming "Buy Mine".

I trust you want some independent ideas?

I had headaches for 20 years and got rid of them using supplements so I'm a big believer. One of the products also helped with tiredness and fatigue.

An excellent product is an antioxidant grape seed extract. It's available in a very potent (and safe) formula and has been highly effective, not just for me but also others.

If you want to find out more details I'll leave the ball in your court to make contact with me and I can then put you in contact with the guy I get them from, if that suits you.

That way you can ask him all the tough questions if you like.

I hope this helps.


Try a product called Magma Plus. It really seems to help. There are other green products. I just like this one. I put it in milk.
(A Natural Energy Drink Powder Dietary Supplement Containing Active Enzymes, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Protein, and Chlorophyll.)
Check other websites for better prices.
your body may be lacking melatonin. try that for a few weeks. plus you more than likely are not going to get a boost of energy from vitamins, especially if you are quite deficient. give it some time before you come to a decision if they are working or not.
ok. alfalfa provides energy too and a host of other nutrients. i take co enzymes too. b12 isn't the only b vitamin you need all of them so get a combination of b vitamins in one tablet for sure. good luck to you. i am working a night shift now.
I'm not about to bombard you with a list of what vitamins to buy. But would prefer to point you to do more research as you know your symptoms best.

Here is a research resource contributed by various authors on this topic
I would suggest taking a B-Complex supplement along with ~500mg Vitamin C and zinc. You may be able to find a "stress formula" that has these together, but if not, you can take the separately. Don't skimp on the brand. Reputable brands cost more, but they have better manufacturing practices to produce a more standardized product. Try shopping at (almost all of their brands are considered reputable...however, I don't like the Vitamin Shoppe brand.)

Also, I would strongly recommend doing some regular exercise. Start with walking about 20min per day, preferably outside. Try to build that up to 45 min-1hr of cardio plus strength training. And be sure to stretch about 10min after your workout. Exercise will really help with your energy levels.
Vitamins are one of the great scams foisted on the public .Most of the vitamins sold today are synthetic(isolates created in the lab) and your body will reject them as waste.Your body will only recognize and use Whole Food Supplements that are recognized as food.You cannot fool mother nature.Go to This company manufactures their own natural whole food supplements that work.Spend your$$$$ carefully.
I understand what you are going through you might want to read this.
You can try liquid panex ginseng from china and go with the strength of 4500 to start. Ginseng will give your body a natural energy boost for about 4 hours and should be taken about 30 minutes before your lowest energy period during the night in your case. Also it will boost your immune system so you will be less likely to catch colds, virus and flu. My wife is in her 50s and can run rings around some of the 20 year olds. Anyway something for you to think about. If you don't have a health food store you may have to order it on line.

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