I have burned my hand seriously and have a 2x3.5 cm big bubble now since 48 hrs and it's more than 1cm high!

I know I shouldn't burst it but it's so big!! There's no pressure on it, it doesn't hurt and the liquid inside still looks quite normal, not dodgy!
Answers:    I'm a nurse! Trust me! If you MUST pop it, use a needle which you've sterilised first with a flame, boiling water, etc. (Flame is best). And don't pick all the skin off - just a pinprick - you don't want to give germs any more access! A bit of antiseptic cream too. Good luck babe! x
If you burst that its gonna start stinging badly and it will let infection in. My advice dont burst it.
Don't burst it. After 96 hours, the skin under the blister should harden and then you can burst the blister. Keep it clean.
My wife did this a few years ago , keep the bubble in tact for as long as you can the liquid is protecting you against the burn, have you been to the docs you may need antibiotics if you get an infection
You should get a pin (ideally sterile but should be ok) and carefully pierce the EDGE of the blister as close to where the skin is normal again as possible. The skin will remain over the damaged area
Gently squeeze the stuff out of it. put some savlon on it or something, should be cool in a few days.
Don't listen to these hippies, this is the best way to deal with it, as long as you get it as close to the edge of the blister as possible it won't scar, so don't be freaking out about that ****.
yeah dont burst it it will scar, go to a pharmacist for some ointment, and next time u get burnt throw some honey on it it works wonders.
I wouldn't peel off the skin that's forming the bubble, but it won't harm you to wash the area very well then prick the bubble with a needle that you have washed off with rubbing alcohol. Whether you pop it or not, it would be good to bandage it for another few days until the healing has progressed.
See your doctor or pop into a Medi Centre
yup.. nothing strange there, try not to burst it. prepare ureself for a scar..
Mousepotato66 gave you good advice.

I just want to add that pure essential oil of lavender is a good antiseptic and great to keep on hand to prevent blistering from burns, sunburn. Also good for minor scrapes, insect bites, pain relief, headache, diaper rash and crying babies (calming).
Apply the Homeopathic remedy CALENDULA OINTMENT it works like a charm on burns and deep gashes and wounds and heals without leaving a scar.
Totally no side effects or complications.
Take Care and God Bless !
Get well soon !
OK first thing to mousepotato66 if your a nurse you have just told him the wrong thing to do go back and do some training.. now for the burn...Burns happen when the skin is exposed to heat or chemicals. Scalds happen when the skin is exposed to hot fluids.

Burns are usually divided into three categories depending on how much of the skin they affect. Superficial burns affect the surface of the skin, making it red and sore. This sort of burn can be treated at home and usually heals in seven to ten days. Partial and full thickness burns are much more serious, and require medical attention.

To treat superficial (minor) burns at home, make sure you cool down the skin as quickly as possible to prevent the burn getting worse. Hold the burn under cold, running water for 10 minutes. Chemical burns, for example from old batteries or strong cleaning fluids, should be rinsed in cold water for 20 minutes. Take off any jewellery, or clothing in the area of the burn. Do not apply any creams or lotions.

Wrap the burned area in a clean plastic bag or cover with clingfilm. This helps to prevent infection and will not irritate the raw skin. It can be done as a temporary measure before you get medical advice. Alternatively, you can cover the burn with a clean, dry, smooth cloth. If the burn is painful, taking a mild painkiller such as paracetamol can help.

Don’t interfere with the burn or break any blisters. If the burn is very painful or seems to be getting worse, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47, or visit your GP for advice.

Deep or large burns, or burns to the face, hands or across joints, must always be checked by a doctor and may require hospital treatment.
How did you burn it? Hot fat or hot sugar (syrup) will burn longer than hot water.
DO NOT BURST IT.keep it dry. when the blister goes down on it's own , put pure lavender oil on, this will help the skin not to scar.
i am a chef and had many burns, i usualy use the hot pin method adn burst it when they blister that big because if you leave it then you run the risk of knocking it and then all the skin comes off and then infections and scars, aloe vera also very good when it is drying out to stop cracking good luck
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