Can you drink Apple Cider Vinegar Straight?

I know many people drink Apple Cider Vinegar for health purposes. I just started this but the thing is I can't drink it with tea or water, it takes forever so what I've been doing is drinking 3 tsb of ACV straight rather than mixing it with anything. I was wondering if there are any side effects to this? Does it cause any oral problems?
Answers:    I've been taking ACV for years for successfully treating bladder infections/kidney infections. (I take braggs)
ALWAYS take raw ACV.

I've taken alot while treating kidney problems and I've taken up to 4TB. at a time. It doesn't do anything to your stomach. It can make you loose alot of weight though if taken in large quantities.

I wouldn't recommend taking more than 4 TB, 4 times a day because it can give you "overdose effects".
when I've exceeded 4 TB in the early morning without any food and little water it can make you feel mildley nausous and I've felt symptoms similar to Vitamin B3 (Niacin) overdose. You feel warm and tingly skin and mildnly lightheaded but that lasts about 20 minutes. <- has only happed to me twice...

taking vinegar in water/ and honey can take a while to drink and since I have to take alot sometimes, I have a stratagy for it...

I take a small amount of water in my mouth, then suck about a TB worth of ACV. then when your ready, swallow it without breathing and chase it down with a few swallows of water. Breathing through your nose makes the taste worse. I do that 3 times (to make 3TB) 2-3 times a day.

also when you take a large amount at night and you lay down, you can burp it up a little so it's best to angle your body like your reading a book to keep it down where it belongs.

eating a little food can help to dilute it too.

There has been evidence of enamel wearing off of teeth from long term use of acid drinks like lemon juice. I just put a little baking soda in my mouth and swish it around but don't drink it or it may neutralize the vinegar.

My personable experience with weight loss is I loose about 4-6 lbs after about taking vinegar after a week(3TB 3 times a day)...and I'm underweight so I imagine someone who is a little heavy could loose more.

I took ACV once for 2 months strait once and I did notice a good amount more stamina...but I honestly have always HATED the taste of vinegar to so I ony take it when I need too. I bet if I was to take smaller amounts on a regualr basis as maintenance and eat better, I probably wouldn't get the occasional yeast/bladder/kidney problem.

my favorite way of taking it though is through bean soups. I love vinegar and bean soup :) and of course with olive oil, herbs and garlic for a salad dressing
I drink pickle juice straight. But, that's not apple cider vinegar.
Bad for your teeth. ( It's acidic)
It is like drinking pure acid and will irritate and damage the lining of your stomach. It also causes urinary tract infections and bad diarrhea. I suggest a nice cup of gingerale, chamomile tea or some cranberry juice instead.

Why the hell would someone drink pickle juice straight? Salt junkie? What is wrong with you?
It might dad drinks it all the time diluted in water... he lost lots of weight!
I would drink it with Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, you would be surprised how it kills the gross taste of the vinegar.

Try the grapefruit juice, it helps. I promise.
there are no side effects, and it wont cause oral problems, unless of course you are allergic to it. It is however high in citric acid, so becareful not to over do it...How ever I would not advice drinking to much of it straight daily.
Na it won't hurt ya if anything it might give you a tummy ache but if you are tolerating it then its OK
somepeople's stomach cant take that, I wouldnt reccomend you doing that unless you mix it
You mix 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of honey. It's not too bad that way. That's the way my grandmother used to take it. I tried it one time and it's not too bad.
You can drink it straight - however - best to use the unrefined "Natural" stuff. You can find this at most health food stores. It will have some settling at the bottom. Shake before you use and take anywhere from 2 to 4 tablespoons a day. It works well for your digestion and has some weight lose aspects (along with balanced diet as always).

The key benefit to Apple Cider Vinegar is getting the "Natural" kind. It does not have the processing that the others have and the benefits are far greater. Anything that you can get in a purer version - as close to natural as possible- will have better health benefits for you.

Personally I love the taste and found that it actually helps control the heartburn I might get from some foods I know I really shouldn't have.
Would not advise it, unless you love heartburn. Just put some in a bottle of water with flavoring, and drink it that way--you need the water anyway.
Apple cider acts as a good promoter of digestion when drunk after a meal. Also, it is an excellent sore throat remedy when used with boiling water and honey.
yes you can drink apple cider vinger straight i don't like the taste of it personally it has antibacterial and anti-inflamatory properties which help with infections and with pains that accompany arterites It is also great for indigestion you can get apple cider vinger in tablet form also which you may find them easier to take
I guess it's ok... A lot of people take it because it gets rid of major heartburn, but without water??YUK!! I guess if you can stand it it's ok.
Never tried it...what's it like?.lol

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