Is it true that putting a burning ciggarette in your ear helps with dizziness and nausea?

Answers:    Yes, is true, but be sure you enter the non-burning side in your ear.
no, that's ridiculous
It also helps with causing deafness.
I'd probably have to decide whether the pain would be worse than the other problems.

Use an ear candle if you must.
it's painful. you get dizzy smoking them though ;-)
Especially if you put the hot end inside...
If it does, it is probably because the fear of burning yourself stimulates the release of adrenaline which stimulates the release of blood sugar into the bloodstream, which gives the brain some fuel so it doesn't keep asking for more fuel, by making you dizzy and nauseous.

If the dizziness and nausea happen too regularly, you may be experiencing episodes of low blood sugar - hypoglycemia.

For basic information on hypoglycemia, check out
it would take your mind off of the dizziness and nausea maybe. no.just the nausea.
Not sure, but it sounds like it could be painful..good luck!
Putting any object in your ear, especially a burning object is crazy. In Nursing school we were taught to instruct patients not to put anything smaller than their elbow inside their ear. Get it?
WAIT! You guys don't understand. The question means the filter end of a burning cigarette. And yes, it does work. It draws the infection out.
no, of course not. it will only burn your ear
"it draws the infection out"
NOTHING "DRAWS" an infection out, silly!! Are you still reading medical advice from the 1850s??

No, there is NOTHING to be gained from putting a lit cigarette in your ear, except that it will make a good picture on your friends' phones!!
In the past people use to think that the smoke from a cigarette would help get rid of a ear infection but to be honest it does not. However the heat from the smoke ( not the cigarette ) will help ease dizziness that causes nausea for a real shot period of time but it's no cure. You really need to see a doctor for this, There are pills now for this, ( in fact I have to take them from time to time for this reason ) and have your doctor check out your ears to make sure you don't have a ear infection. you may just need an antibiotic.. Good Luck..
probably just the smoke of the cigarette.bec if a mosquito or an insect get inside your ear,it will come out if someone blew a cigarette smoke into your ear.
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